Sandie Thoroughgood - Exhibitions

On this page you will find information about past, current and future exhibitions where Sandie Thoroughgood works of arts can be enjoyed.


Past exhibitions!

Spring 1998 – Oaklands College St Albans (Mixed media 2d work)
Spring 2000 – Wyllyots Open Art Exhibition Potters Bar (Acrylic paintings)
Spring 2001 – University of Hertfordshire Sculpture Dept. "Mnemonic". Memories of a house (Installations)
Summer 2001 – Porchester Gallery London "Mnemonic". Memories of a House (Installations, video and photography)
Summer 2003 – Newgate Street village Open Art Exhibition (Mixed media 2d work)

New exhibitions

New exhibitions will be advertised here.

Please contact Sandie to express your interest at the following email address: